Friday, April 18, 2008

The Problem - Sweatshops

Sweatshops continue to exist.

The current system of monitoring factories - to ensure compliance with basic human rights - fails on many levels to produce results:
  • Not Transparent- We don't know where the factories are that produce our clothing. This means that, we are unable to examine factories and ensure that HSU's codes of conduct are respected.
  • Weak Codes- Most organizations that monitor factories fail to produce a strong code of ethics, often failing on producing adequate coverage of women's rights. In addition, they often fail to enforce the weak codes
  • Governing Body- Strictly speaking, we can't expect corporations - whose primary motivation is to seek capital gains - to ensure the rights of workers. Even though any individual or group may be corrupted, the system we suggest does not build a ethical structure on a purely economic organization.
These are only a few of the problems that exist. However, in light of this information, President Richmond refuses to endorse the only program that can restructure the damaged system. The motivations and goals of the Designated Supplier's Proposal differ from for-profit corporate interests. Currently, HSU does not participate in any program that pro-actively fights sweatshops, nor does HSU participate in any program that works with other universities to discuss these problems.

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