Saturday, May 3, 2008

May Day - Day of Action

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Students, here at Humboldt State University, have been negotiating with our university administrator, President Rollin Richmond, to have HSU endorse the DSP. Since November of 2007, we have been speaking with administrators to discuss the DSP, culminating in a meeting with the President on March 24, 2008. After speaking with him, we were disenfranchised when we learned that he didn't seem to understand what we were doing, even after months of negotiating with his colleagues. Two weeks after the meeting, he gave us a response to our request for HSU to endorse the DSP, stating that:

I understand that the DSP is in the final stages of development, with legal and operational details still being developed. When the Designated Supplier's Proposal is complete and accepted by the Designated Suppliers Working Group, please forward a copy to my office. (Richmond)

We didn't feel that this message reflected the honest and full efforts of the University. So, on Thursday May 1st, we held a rally and 25, or so, of us marched to President Richmond's office and dropped off a letter. However, neither Richmond, nor either of his two secretaries were there. We then marched to the Provost's office and delivered our message directly. We said that people are suffering in sweatshops and that, the voice of those that suffer will only escalate if the University fails to heed their message. We said that we must endorse the only program that resolves systemic problems in sweatshops and monitoring them.

In solidarity with the UNC-CH students that were recently arrested, all other USAS students, and the workers,

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