Friday, April 18, 2008

Event: Rally! - International Worker's Day

We will be holding a rally in the campus quad on May 1st!

If you would like to get involved please e-mail us at SweatFreeHSU@gmail

Please join us, 11am to 1pm, to show President Richmond the students' voice! More information will be posted as things develop. Solidarity!


bianchi said...

happy to see students working to end sweatshop labor on our campus. just posting a reminder to those who may not know that the student Bookstore is currently run similar to a student cooperative in that students are a majority of the decision making board and our student fees help to fund it. Also it is a non-profit and money goes back into the same student fund it came from. So while if Richmond wants to give us a nod- that'd be great, but he really doesnt need to play a large role in this process at all. I think we just need to work with the University Center Board (with our 7 student reps) and see what creative alternatives we can provide for the current products being sold.

Kenji said...

A valid point, Bianchi. However, having president Richmond sign it into a University policy would, ultimately, prove more expedient. In addition, having the Board of Directors approve this program as a business proposal is entirely different from endorsing the program from the standpoint of the University administration. While Humboldt United Students Against Sweatshops has plans to pursue a proposal with the University Center Board of Directors, only a representative of the University, itself, can endorse the program. Organizations, such as the UC Board, change -as one should note from recent discussions of restructuring the University Center- but the role of the president will remain a constant (if only for the most part). Having President Richmond support the DSP will set a precedent in this University that will open future doors in the fight against sweatshop exploitation.

If anyone wishes to provide support for our cause in front of the University Center Board of Directors, your efforts would be appreciated. Their next meeting is May 8th, in the University Center Banquet Hall.

However, with that said, I think showing student support for this program to the president would be profound and invaluable.

Caitlin Delphine said...
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Cat said...
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Cat said...

Just noticed United Students Against Sweatshops, and I'm really impressed! This seems like an amazing cause! Great that students care so much about this issue! I see that no one's posted in quite a while, but since it's a national org I'm sure you're still very active...have you considered submitting yourselves to The Jenzabar Foundation's leadership award? You definitely deserve recognition!

They're online at or on Facebook:

Good luck with all your future endeavors!